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  • Development of High Temperature Tantalum Polymer

    Abstract This paper focuses on the development of new 150°C capable surface mount polymer tantalum capacitors and the enabling technologies. The conductivity stability of the conducting polymers at high temperatures as well as the equivalent series resistance (ESR) stability of the polymer tantalum capacitors at these temperatures were investigated in this study.

  • Tantalum from Rwanda Case Study – Hyperledger

    Tantalum is a rare mineral essential for making capacitors for devices like smartphones and laptops. A small region of Africa produces 60% of the world's supply, with Rwanda as the main exporter. But tantalum was sometimes smuggled in from conflictridden Congo, where it was mined by children or workers enslaved by warlords.

  • High Reliability Principles and Verifiions in Solid

    This paper is companion to Y. Freeman's and P. Lessner's paper [1] introducing a new Flawless Technology with Simulated Breakdown Screening, (FTECH) for manufacturing M nO2 style Tantalum (Ta) capacitors. This paper focuses on the impact that the enduser's manufacturing processes have on reliability of Solid Ta capacitors.


    VOLTAGE DERATING RULES FOR SOLID TANTALUM AND NIOBIUM CAPACITORS T. Zednicek AVX Czech Republic s.r.o., Dvorakova 328, 563 01 Lanskroun, Czech Republic guideline for tantalum technology. This paper revisits this statement and explains, given an understanding of the Tantalum capacitor manufacturers have developed hard

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  • The Ups and Downs of Tantalum Capacitors Arrow

    The previous characteristics show how tantalum capacitors can be uniquely suited to help in modern electronics, but they are not without their quirks and there are a couple of major ones to take into account when you want to design these in. Tantalum capacitors are generally polarized devices, meaning that during layout and assembly you need to pay more attention to their orientation.

  • Reliability of Tantalum Polymer Capacitors

    are tantalum polymer capacitors? Manufacturers' inhouse reliability test results and early field experiences with polymer capacitors are very good, in most cases superior to similarly valued capacitors manufactured with MnO2. The purpose of this paper is to present reliability data from tantalum polymer capacitors. Similarities in reliability to

  • Derating of Surge Currents for Tantalum Capacitors

    tantalum capacitors with manganese oxide hodes these failures result not only in a short circuit in the system, but can also cause ignition due to the exothermic reaction of tantalum with oxygen generated by the overheated MnO2 hode layer. Examples of tantalum capacitors burnt after surge current testing are shown in Fig.1.

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  • A New Low ESR Fused Solid Tantalum Capacitor

    ESR levels for the capacitor/fuse module beyond that of stand alone capacitors. This paper will outline an approach to a fuse/capacitor assembly which reduces ESR to levels lower than currently specified by commercially available modules. A New Low ESR Fused Solid Tantalum Capacitor Douglas Edson and David Wadler AVX Tantalum Corporation 401

  • Paper Capacitors West Florida Components

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  • Tantalum Capacitors Assignment Point

    Tantalum capacitors with the porous anode and solid electrolyte: This variant of the tantalum capacitor family is also known as the solid tantalum, and it is the variety that is most commonly used. Many millions of them are sued each day, and they can be found in many items of consumer and commercial electronic equipment.

  • Are tantalum capacitors safe for use in new designs

    Are tantalum capacitors safe for use in new designs? This rule of thu has since become the most prevalent design guideline for tantalum technology. This paper revisits this statement and explains, given an understanding of the appliion, why this is not necessarily the case. Are polymer tantalum capacitors safe for use in new

  • Appliion of capacitors Tantalum capacitors

    Tantalum capacitors offer many advantages over other types of capacitor. This has meant that their use has risen considerably over the years, and now they are widely used in all forms of electronics equipment. The advantages of tantalum capacitors can be summarized:

  • AVX releases technical paper on MLCC & Tantalum

    Tantalum AVX is the number one tantalum capacitor supplier with manufacturing plants worldwide providing flexibility and capacity for all electronic industry demands. We are the global leader in MnO2 solid tantalum technology, including the world's smallest case size tantalum chips, sharing common footprints with Hi CV MLCC. Polymer

  • Stable, LowESR Tantalum Capacitors Newark element14

    A tantalum chip capacitor having equivalent series resistance (ESR) less than 18 Ω was described lastm year at the 19th Capacitor and Resistor Technology Symposium. The technological forces that drove the development of this device were detailed in that paper and a

  • Niobium Vs. Tantalum Caps EDN

    But a CARTS paper by Yuri PozdeevFreeman and Pete Maden of Vishay Sprague, Sanford, Maine, said, "the recent supply shortage of tantalum capacitors and rising cost of tantalum powder renewed interest in niobium as a possible substitute for tantalum in solid electrolyte capacitors. Tantalum and niobium are 'neighbors' on the periodic table

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